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Hygeena Is Ideal For Women Experiencing Vaginal Atrophy, Vaginal Dryness And Painful Sex.

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The Most Preferred And Clinically Proven Vaginal Suppositories In The World! Improves Vaginal Atrophy, Stops Painful Sex After Menopause, Reduces Infections And So Much More. 100% Natural, Hormone-Free!

Get Your Whole Feminine Life Back With Hygeena™

Why choose Hygeena™? What are its benefits?

Improves Female Health!

Stops painful sex, increases natural vaginal lubrication. This is know as a condition known called vaginal atrophy. Hygeena Vaginal Suppositories unique lubricating and antimicrobial effects which are able to quickly stops painful sex, reduce inflammation, vaginal itching, pain and burning, while at the same time it accelerates tissue repair and healing.

Stops Pain and Burning

Naturally powerful ingredients turn on your vaginal tissues natural inner moisturisers - for natural irrigation, translating painful burning tissues into soft, and hydrated youthful vaginal tissues.It's proven to regenerate vaginal tissues and membranes while providing the essential nutrients that are vital for the proper functioning of the membranes in the vaginal tract

Reduces Infections

Lubricating and antimicrobial effects, reduces inflammation, itching, pain and burning, accelerates tissue repair and healing. It kills Candida, prevents urinary tract infections stopping the migration into the urinary tract.

work while you sleep

If you need a lubricant your vaginal environment has been compromised, and the real goal is restore optimal vaginal health of your tissues. Hygeena is unique, it heals, restores, replenishes, and allows the cells to start producing the natural lubrication again, like it was when you were young.

Top Doctors Recommend Hygeena

Most woman know that Sex can be very painful at menopause. Why? Natural vaginal lubrication reduces as a woman gets older, causing what is known today as Vaginal Atrophy. And woman know that it’s so much more than having sex. It’s about female health..Hygeena Vaginal Suppositories are hormone-free, all-natural, 100% nutrient based nutrients are infused with natures magical healing powers, targeting your vaginal tissues directly.

What Woman are saying?

Let’s hear directly from woman who are using it.

I’ve tried SO many different suppositories to help with atrophy, pain, dryness and irritation. By chance I found your product and was hesitant to try it, as I’ve tried so many others that didn’t work or caused burning or discomfort. I also wanted something natural. I was blown away with how well this product worked and that there was no irritation. So grateful to have found this product!
Verified User
This product has been amazing. I was suffering with burning, irritation. The Hygeena vaginal suppositories are a life changing experience for me. Just purchased again.
Verified User
I have suffered with vaginal dryness for 30+ years and I am incredibly pleased with this product. I will also be using it long term to hopefully repair some of the damage done to the tissues by radiation and perhaps return to a normal physical love life with my husband, who has been very caring and understanding about the whole thing. My dear friend, Dr. Sherrill Sellman, introduced me to this amazing product and I am so very thankful for her and Hygeena.
Sharon S
Verified User
I was very happy to find this natural hormone free product. I am always concerned about the chemical additives in personal care products. These suppositories worked without hormones or chemicals. The texture is good and absorbs well. I could feel the change in my tissue within a couple of weeks.
Verified User
I am so grateful to Dr Sherrill Sellman who introduced me to this miraculous natural supplement. I’ve been afflicted with the thinning tissue and dryness of my vagina since I began menopause 50 yrs ago. No matter what I tried even hormonal creams and hormone therapy the dryness which created discomfort and pain was depressing. I started using Hygeena and within 2 days I felt a difference. The moisture started to come back, the itching stopped the burning stopped. I felt the tissue and cells were being regenerated, rejuvenated. A most remarkable experience and it continues to healthy. I am certain that the pH level in my vagina is now normal again. K Brooks
KatRama Brooks Brooks
Verified User
Honestly, it’s a healing miracle in a jar! In May, I had my annual pap smear with my Ob-Gyn and my results revealed, a negative pap, positive for high risk Hpv-18 and severe vaginal bacteriosis. Upon further testing my labs revealed that my vaginal bacterial infection had reoccurred and the bacteria count had doubled. I began taking antibiotics as prescribed and it cleared my infection but, only for a very short time. My infections continued to reoccur frequently and my symptoms became chronic. I’ve tried many different products to help alleviate my symptoms but, I was disappointed with the results. I then decided to skip the conventional treatments, which had failed me and consult with a Naturopathic Doctor. He recommended Hygeena along with various natural remedies to help boost my immune system. I immediately started using Hygeena and after using just a few suppositories, my vaginal health began to improve significantly. I’m asymptomatic and no longer experience intense vaginal burning, itching, discharge, odor, pain, dryness or tissue damage. In December, I repeated my lab work and my results finally came back negative for Vb and Hpv-18 high risk. I’m continuing to use this wonderful product and I’m currently healed, pain and symptom free. Hygeena has simply changed my life and I’m so happy I found this healing miracle in a jar.
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Get Your Whole Feminine Life Back With Hygeena™ Vaginal Suppositories.

When vaginal tissues dry out, your body’s ability to produce adequate fluids and mucous in the vaginal tract have seriously declined. Now you are now much more vulnerable to infections of all kinds, and symptoms of aging start. Hygeena to the rescue! It completely transforms, rejuvenates and heals dry atrophied vaginal tissues, it’s so much more than having great sex again, it’s about waking up to amazing feminine health. Lubricants do nothing to address this, and give only temporary relief.


You can use Hygeena 2-4 times per week, and very safe for ongoing use. It is effective in preventing and eliminating feminine odor caused by menstruation, intercourse, exercise and vagina imbalance during menopause

Hygeena, is a powerful, all-natural herbal, nutrient based vaginal suppository formula. It targets the affected vaginal areas directly, and introduces a higher content of its unique active natural ingredients directly into the tissues and bloodstream, when compared to oral administration. Hygeena’s delivery just makes sense. You know that absorption and bio-availability is the key to performance

Hygeena is a vaginal suppository to support a healthy vaginal environment. Carefully remove and discard the covering. You insert the suppository like you would a tampon. You can use your fingers and push it up until you can’t feel it anymore. Ideally, insert the suppository before bedtime. It can be used at other times of the day, if required. The vaginal suppository is inserted into the vagina similarly to a tampon. Once introduced, it dissolves within 10-15 minutes and achieves its soothing effect entirely unnoticed. you should remain laying down to prevent the suppository from dropping out, until it is fully dissolved. For acute cases you can use one suppository every 12 hours. We would recommend wearing a panty liner, especially when using during the day as there may be mild discharge.
Pueraria mirifica is a plant that grows in Thailand and other parts of Southeast Asia. For over 100 years, Pueraria mirifica has been used in traditional Thai medicine to promote youthfulness and rejuvenation in women. It has phytoestrogen benefits on vaginal tissue, including alleviating vaginal dryness and painful urination, improving vaginal atrophy, and restores thinning, drying and inflammation of the vaginal walls. Pueraria mirifica, as a phytoestrogen, promotes estrogenic effects but without any of the health risks associated with the prescribed estrogen hormone. Hygeena is formulated with Puresterol®, a patented extract of Pueraria mirifica
The patented Silver Biotics with SilverSol Technology® is a unique and highly effective form of silver, known as nano-silver. Throughout the ages, silver has been renowned for its anti-microbial effects. SilverSol Nano-Silver Technology is the most effective form of silver ever created. It far surpasses either colloidal or ionic forms of silver for potency. It has been clinically tested and FDA approved demonstrating that it is totally safe and has no known side-effects. Silver Biotics liquid has been scientifically proven to quickly kill harmful bacteria, viruses, and fungus. The good news is that it will not cause antibiotic resistance or alteration of healthy vaginal microflora. In addition to its lubricating and antimicrobial effects, it is also able to quickly reduce inflammation, itching, pain and burning while at the same time accelerating tissue repair and healing. Studies have demonstrated that in just 10 minutes, it successfully killed Candida. The broad-spectrum nature of Silver Biotics also helps to prevent urinary tract infections that are caused by vaginal bacteria by stopping the migration into the urinary tract.

Stops Pain

Stop burning

Stop Dryness

Reduce Infection

Heals Tissue

No Irritation