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Hygeena to the rescue! It completely transforms, rejuvenates and heals dry atrophied vaginal tissues, it’s so much more than having great sex again, it’s about waking up to amazing feminine health. Lubricants do nothing to address this, and give only temporary relief. Hygeena is 100% pure and natural, its ingredients absorb directly into your vaginal tissues which produce optimal vaginal health fast, with unique lubricating and antimicrobial effects. It quickly reduces inflammation, vaginal itching, pain and burning, while at the same time it accelerates tissue repair and healing.

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The Silent Epidemic

Vaginal dryness and atrophy is a silent epidemic that affects many women who are undoubtedly suffering in silence. 

A Chronic Progressive Condition

This chronic and progressive medical condition has been estimated to affect up to 50%-60% of postmenopausal women.

Natural Treatment Needed

With increased life expectancy, a vaginal atrophy natural treatment is needed for this epidemic in woman. 

Younger Woman Too!

Many younger women and those in perimenopause (or in the transitional period) may also experience periodic vaginal dryness and associated problems.

Increase Your Quality Of Life With All-Natural Hygeena.