Supplements to Increase Female Lubrication

Supplements to Increase Female Lubrication

Vaginal dryness is an unpleasant condition that many women face at one point in their lives. Women’s vaginal dryness and irritation are very prevalent conditions. It may surprise you to learn that almost 50% of women over 50 suffer from vaginal dryness, 25% of women suffer from vaginal dryness during intercourse, and 16% suffer from vaginal discomfort. There are various medicated treatments and medications for vaginal dryness to increase female lubrication. But luckily, there are many supplements that increase lubrication and improve vaginal health and sexual life.

Dryness can strike anybody at any moment as a result of medicine, menopause, or prolonged exposure to blue-light displays (such as tablets and smartphones). Dryness is unpleasant, distracting, and painful for many people. The health of our mucous membranes, which are crucial lubricating tissues, is linked to dryness. Here are some of the best-recommended supplements to increase female lubrication:

Sea buckthorn Omega-7

Omega-7 is an unsaturated fatty acid. Omega-7 SBA24 is derived from the sea buckthorn berry and seed, which are high in different fatty acids including cis-vaccenic acid and palmitic acid. The sea buckthorn fruit, which is high in nutrients, can help to maintain the health of these mucous membranes and prevent frequent dryness symptoms.

The ocean buckthorn Omega-7 SBA24, which incorporates both the berry and the seed, has a wide range of supplements, including fundamental unsaturated fats as well as phytonutrients such as cancer prevention agent polyphenols. Cis-vaccenic acid and palmitoleic acid, frequently known as omega-7 heal and recover the mucous membrane of skin. The nutrients in sea buckthorn have anti-inflammatory effects. Sea buckthorn oil contains beta carotene, which is beneficial for the immunity system.

How does Omega-7 improve vaginal lubrication?

The significance of Omega 7 as a phenomenal lubricant is a deep secret of the natural world. Various trials of sea buckthorn supplementation have shown to improve the dryness of genitals and urinary tract as well as vaginal discomfort. Relief from dryness is especially significant as personal dryness can prompt excruciating intercourse and loss of drive, particularly in women after menopause.

Vaginal dryness is a common menopausal symptom. Women’s natural lubrication is reduced or eliminated when their estrogen levels decrease. This can be mitigated through hormonal treatments but most women are resistant to it. However, sea buckthorn omega-7 is the non-estrogen solution to treat vaginal atrophy. A study was published in 2014 in Journal Maturitas in which 116 women who were having vaginal dryness were subjected to eat omega-7 supplements. The omega-7 group showed an overall increase in vaginal lubrication and good vaginal health after three months, prompting the researchers to conclude that it might be a viable option for women who don’t want to use hormonal therapy.

Aloe Vera

Aloe vera is a natural substance that has been used for a multitude of health, cosmetic, therapeutic, and skincare reasons for ages. It has strong moistening properties. Aloe vera or aloe vera-based products are also used by women as natural supplements. The skin of the vaginal and rectal regions which might dry out due to vaginal dryness reacts positively to aloe Vera.

Unlike Aloe Vera, traditional synthetic supplements have toxins in them that may aggravate irritation.

The research was published in the Journal of ethnopharmacology in which a controlled trial was conducted to check the efficacy of aloe vera to treat vaginal atrophy in comparison to typical estrogen treatment. A group of 66 menopausal females with vaginal atrophy symptoms were divided into two groups of 33 each. One group was subjected to estrogen therapy and another aloe vera supplement. The concluded results show that aloe Vera was as much effective as a hormonal treatment for vaginal atrophy.

How does Aloe Vera improve vaginal lubrication?

Aloe Vera is an active skin conditioning agent since it increases the skin’s tendency to moisturize itself. Aloe Vera’s remarkable healing action at the epithelial level of the skin, a layer of cells that covers the body, helps to minimize discomfort due to vaginal dryness. It serves as a protective barrier for the skin and aids in moisture replenishment. The skin heals faster as a result of its nutritional and antioxidant capabilities.

Due to vaginal dryness or atrophy, cells lose their ability to hold moisture and the vagina becomes a desert zone. The miraculous aloe plant is there to help you. Aloe Vera is a fantastic moisturizer that also helps to soothe irritations and rejuvenate the skin. This magical supplement of aloe Vera gives a new life to the vagina and thus improves sex life.

Chinese Medicine

Chinses medicine is a wide range of medicines having a history as old as 23 centuries that aims to provide healing from nature. One of the famous Chinese medicinal herbs for vaginal dryness is Dong Quai and black cohosh.

  1. Dong Quai: Dong Quai is a popular Chinese herbal supplement for vaginal dryness. Dong Quai, a member of the carrot family, contains anti-inflammatory effects that can aid with joint pain, weariness, hypertension, and infections. It’s been used to treat a variety of female reproductive issues, including dryness of the vaginal area, Premenstrual syndrome (PMS), vaginal irritation, vaginal burning, and other symptoms of menopause.

How Dong Quai improves vaginal lubrication?

Coumarins are found in Dong Quai, and they dilate blood arteries, enabling blood to flow more freely. Herbalists assume that Dong Quai can improve the quality of your blood in addition to its anti-inflammatory qualities.

Many herbs are traditionally employed in Chinese herbal therapy in combinations to mitigate the adverse effects of menopause. Dong Quai, for example, is frequently combined with Black Cohosh.

  1. Black cohosh: The herb’s name is Black Cohosh is a plant that is used as a supplement to treat women suffering from menopausal symptoms, vaginal dryness, night sweats, and feminine mood swings.

How Black cohosh improves vaginal lubrication?

One of the most common herbs for vaginal dryness is black cohosh. It has been discovered that it includes a molecule called fukinolic acid, which has estrogen-like effects. Several people consider this ingredient to be a natural alternative to hormone treatment for vaginal dryness.


Vaginal lubrication is an important part of sexual happiness and health. Estrogen deficiencies and vaginal dryness can be corrected through supplements like Omega-7, Chinese medicine, and Aloe Vera. People who have problems with vaginal lubrication should contact a doctor.